Sometimes the Media Amazes Me

While doing random searches this morning for Olsen Twins news, I saw this story about Eminem poking fun at Olsen twins. “Heavens no!” thinks I, “Whatever has that nasty man done now?” I started read, but the second sentance was this:

The provocative rapper has a new video for his song ?[three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted] Like That? which features puppets who engage in lesbian activity.

What the [four letter vulgarity for copulation redacted] is this [four letter vulgarity for excrement redacted] about? I’m ok with hiding some of those extra nasty words like , *, , and *. But hiding a simple and common word like [three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted]? Dear [four letter word for leader of the Christian faith redacted] where will it stop? This is the same network that’s been covering child molestation trials on their frontpage. Of course, this is also the same network (MSN) that has blocked nasty ugly words like [thirteen letter vulgarity for a coming together of people to express their opinion in public of their feelings redacted] and [ten letter vulgarity for a western system where rulers are elected by a majority (at least in most cases) redacted] from their China web search.

Stupid stupid stupid. And no, I don’t really care about the Olsen Twins. Oh, MJ found not guilty, but I saw that coming and don’t really care all that much. I do think he’s guilty of something, wacked out, and probably autistic, and most definately separated from reality though.

Now where can I get a copy of ?[three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted] Like That?….. ?

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