More Housework

Finally getting back into doing some renovations in house, and the collapse of our clothes-hanger-bar-thingy (what the heck are those things called?) a bit ago forced a re-do of that. I came home yesterday and the in-laws were there with the entire closet contents exploded all through the house. After some wrangling and finagling, most of the time I was downstairs in the office working on some contract work, the closet was reassembled with clothes-hanger-bar-thingys that would support way more weight, and a large number of clothes were bagged up for the thrift shop. We also took one of the 4 or 5 huge mirrors that have been adorning the front lawn for the last 5 months and put it on the closet wall, with the theory being that it’d make the room feel bigger, and might even be useful as a mirror.

So that’s one big hurdle out of the way, and that can now springboard me into the next house projects I have in mind, one being the purging of old crap, cleaning, and getting the basement finished. It sounds like I’ve been able to convince work to buy me some ram for a spare system I have, which means the office floor can now be slightly less littered with computer parts and be cleaned up some more. Also now that shaw’s been in to fix up the lines and put a booster on the cable modem line, I can finally complete the tidy up of the mass of cables sticking through the wall of the office!