The Longhorn Sidebar is Back

Sean blogs that his latest project at Microsoft is the Windows Sidebar… it was there, then it wasn’t, now it’s back. Not sure how I feel about this, it looks kinda funky, however I do my best to keep as much desktop space as possible. Can you imagine a serious photoshop user with the sidebar open taking up the right hand side of their screen? No chance (no comments about serious photoshop users using Macs now…). I played with a similar idea that is built into the google desktop search sidebar, left it on for a day and then removed it (and that was with the sidebar on my second monitor). The sidebar for GDS is pretty compressed as well compared to the longhorn sidebar.

That all said, Longhorn is still far away, where “far” is defined as “not here yet”, so who knows what it’ll look like on release.

Aside: kudos to Dana on his interesting blogging lately about experiences at MS and “outting” a “least privilage” expert 🙂

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