Downsides of The Mac Switch

Being a new Mac user and a computer user of 15-ish years, I figured I’d list some of the things that were not the garden of eden utopia that the idea of a mac sometimes is. Where possible, I’ve included my solutions or findings. Anyone out there in the lazyweb who has ideas to address

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My Road To Vista Part 1

I recently got a (legit even!) copy of Windows Vista and decided to check it out slowly. When I got my new system I got dual hard drives, and the second one hasn’t really been used yet, so I can install a new OS and migrate over at whatever pace I need to without losing

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The Zune Conspiracy, Theory #2

Theory #2 My second theory is even better, dual tin-foil I think. I think that the Zune might have been nothing more than an experiment to see how pervasive you could make <acronym title=”Digital Rights ‘Management’””>DRM in peoples lives. When the first few proof of concept applications for Microsoft Vista came out the concept of

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The Zune Conspiracy, Theory #1

Microsoft released their iPod competitor the Zune, or at least that’s what everything things it is. I have two theories (conspiracy theories of course, full tin-foil hat engaged) about what the nefarious plans for the Zune really are however, and they both include the fact that the Zune was never meant to be a serious

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Thurrott on Vista… Not Happy

Interesting insight in Paul Thurrott’s latest Vista article. Paul is someone who I’ve often had resentment for, simply because of his (apparent) steadfast love of Microsoft and all things Bill. Turns out that he’s a bit more fair and balanced than that, and I apologize for the misgivings I had for him. Of course, maybe

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Microsoft Does Maps

Well, microsoft released which is a competitor for google maps. I took a quick look and the birds eye view (of selected areas) is nice, except that the areas that are shown are very small and you can’t really scroll that far. Oh well, takes lots of time to get that low level photos

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