Anyone Know the Rules for WMP 10 “Return to Previous Playlist”?

Hey, does anyone Know the Rules for Windows Media Player 10 and the “Return to Previous Playlist” feature? If you have a playlist set up and you click on an mp3 file or video file, sometimes it loads up and gives you a ‘click previous to return to your previous playlist’ in the playlist, which is nice. It returns me to exactly where I was before, so if I’m in the middle of my morning 4 hour Howard Stern fix, or a long audio book, I can listen to another song win WMP and not lose where I was.

However, this doesn’t always work. Sometimes links will open a new song/video with the ‘return to playlist’ there, sometimes it doesn’t. Anyone know what the rules are for this, or if there are any? I’m getting to the point that it’s so random that I have to be careful opening any media link at all, which is a piss off.

The question of why the hell am I using WMP at all is a separate question completely 🙂

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