Microsoft Does Maps

Well, microsoft released which is a competitor for google maps. I took a quick look and the birds eye view (of selected areas) is nice, except that the areas that are shown are very small and you can’t really scroll that far. Oh well, takes lots of time to get that low level photos of the country I guess. The next thing I did was put in a couple of addresses and was happy so see that they don’t jump into the old and ugly mapquest interface for directions.

Sadly, the new solution, while less ugly by far, is how you say…. “inaccurate”. First of all, I put in my home address in Mission, BC, Canada to Vancouver, BC. “Start address not found”. Ok, put in just “mission, bc, canada”. Still no go. Next step was a different starting place, Seattle. This gave me better results. Well, kinda. Apparently the system thinks that “Vancouver, BC, Canada” is the same as Vancouver Oregon.

Lets just say it’s nice to see the update, looking forward to them going outside the US, and I think I’m going to keep trusting Google to get me where I’m going 🙂