Dana Releases New Firewall Tool

Gotta give props to my buddy Dana, who recently release Scorpion Software’s latest tool, a Firewall Dashboard system that runs under windows, and takes firewall data from either the windows firewall or anything that logs to the WELF format. He’s even had a very nice review over at TiGra Networks (though the thumbnail images are 1280×998 images shown as thumbnails, in case you’re wondering why they are loading slowly).

I’m actually pretty excited about this software because the logs look absolutely awesome and I want to use this as an opportunity to learn a bit about .NET programming while creating these logs for my own firewall, and see if I can do something funky like hooking it into my IDS that logs to MySQL.

This also gives me an excuse to set up my W2K3 box, now that the PVR project is in beta (more on this later) and not in the middle of the office floor anymore.

Anyway in short, Dana codes good stuff, go check it out and give him gobs of money for protecting your network. Oh, and mention I sent you 🙂


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