A Moment in Radio History, the Gary Dell’Abate Nancy Tape

I was just witness to a moment in classic radio history. I’ve been listening to the Howard Stern show for a year or so now, and one of the incidents that they’ve referred is when the producer of the show, Gary Dell’Abate made a tape of some sort for his ex-girlfriend who left him. Anyway, during the Best Of show that aired on Monday they played the show where the tape was brought in and aired. Oh my god, possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, and it definately has to be experienced to be believed. Even without the commentary from Howard, Robin, Fred (a musical genius by the way) and the other assorted guests (who all together paid in excess of $20,000 to convince Gary to allow the tape to be played), the tape stands on it’s own. Radio history I tell you, radio history.

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