My Collection of old Hard Drives

I finally got around to competing building that spare computer I have been talking about. In the process I discovered I don’t have a lot of spare decent sized hard drives (my largest is a 10 Gig that I inherited from work (legitimately, I swear!)). I did discover though that I have a lot of spare small hard drives. My list:

  • 1 Fujitsu with no size markings at all, however with labels like ‘label g’ and ‘label h’, and won’t boot at all
  • 240 MB HP
  • 425 MB WD
  • 560 MB Samsung
  • 3 GB WD
  • 3.3 GB Seagate
  • 3.3 GB Fujitsu
  • 4 GB Maxtor
  • 4 GB Samsung
  • 4.3GB Samsung

Not that 3 or 4 gigabyes is a tiny amount of spare, but these days that’s really almost the minimum for an OS install….

And don’t get me started on the 6 CDROM drives I have sitting around either….

Anyone else keeping old 240 mb drives for no reason at all? And on a related note, anyone know what to do with old hard drives? Can I turn them into washing machine parts or something?