My House is the Land of New Appliances

Well not “new” I guess. We now have a dishwasher that works, where “works” is defined by “hooked up to both power and water, and not leaking the latter” and a new working washing machine (where “new working” is defined by “doesn’t require all loads to be run through twice to convince the machine to spin, also doesn’t shoot blue sparks when powered on”). Mucho good for all concerned (except my pocketbook that is). We had a furnace guy in last night to check out the spare furnaces that were pulled from a FireflyBro demolition job in the hopes they could be put into our place, but the guy basically said it’s not worth it to put them in at all. He also gave us a (decent I think) quote on a new machine to install, which I just need to know find/create the cash to pay for that.

When I got home yesterday Firefly and FireflyMom were working on the hallway steps, which was awesome. Being that’s the first thing you see when you get in the house, it’ll definately be nice to have that finished off nicely.

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