More Snow

Snow 2005 Part 2
More snow last night, and this morning the street was basically a skating rink. Took me about 5 tries to get out of the driveway, just working up the speed and momentum to get up the hill from the bottom to get up to the street. This of course avoiding any of the kiddies walking to school. I have to admit, part of the joy I get from snow (and I’ve been singing “let it snow” for the last few days) is from a perverse and sick enjoyment of the chaos it creates. This morning watching the local news their news alerts were things like “10 gallons of oil spilled at big-street and bigger-street”, “random street closed due to ice” and the like. I love it! Of course, living close to work and the ability to work from home helps me enjoy this far more than people who have to drive any distance to work 🙂 Hope everyone’s safe this morning BTW.