New Server Incoming

Well, last night I headed out and met up with Fred for dinner and to collect the new server. Good to see Fred again as well, caught up with each other (damn you for moving so far away!).

The server is gorgeous…. a 2U, dual hyperthreaded 64 bit system with 6 gigabytes of RAM and tons of 15k SCSI drives. The system also has a management console thingy that is basically a built in KVM over IP, which means I don’t need to be scared about the system booting slowly and wonder if it’s just doing a disk check or is hung, which’ll take a load off my mind. Also of course everything is redundant and hot-swappable.

So the next couple of weeks will be testing, configuring, playing with different filesystems and EVMS and various other bits. We’re looking at a February install sometime, which will be interesting.