Two Bad Movies and One Not Bad TV Show

I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming lately, as the last couple of consulting projects have kicked my ass free time wise. I think they are done though, or at least in the final stages. Just have a couple of implementation details on one and that should be it. Of course, if the 80/20 rule holds, the last bit will take the longest. So I have been working and not doing a lot of gaming or photography, but I have managed to get a couple of movies under my belt, and the latest season of 24 has sucked me in as well. Anyway, movies I have seen lately:

Resident Evil Apocalypse
What the hell sort of movie was this? It was like a bad video game to movie back to video game, translated to a foreign language, made into a bad tv game show series, then made a movie of again. Just bad. One of those ones where you sort of know what everyone is doing, but it really doesn’t make sense, and you really don’t care for them anyway. The first one wasn’t terrible, this one was.

The Cave
I watched this one tonight because Firefly was oot and aboot, and I know she doesn’t like scary movies. Or really bad movies either, which this was. Lets just say if you have an IQ higher than your shoe size you can predict everything that happens in the movie. People go into a scary dark cave, and some semi-unknown (and seen only in glimpses) creepy crawly takes them out one by one as they desparately try to get to the surface and to freedom. The plot was full of more holes than my underwear, and the movie was so utterly dull I actually would stop to flip over to the election coverage!

The fact that this movie took place 99% underwater or underground means that the lighting was terrible. There were a couple of cool “single moving flashlight amidst a sea of darkness” shots I admit, but they got old and bad really quickly. The lighting didn’t seem quite high enough to show you what the heck was actually around 99% of the time either. So you had lighting that was too low to see anything intentionally, or to low to see enough of the environment to make it interesting, but too bright to be realistic (though based on the factual flaws realism wasn’t a priority in this show). Oh, and this also meant that the scary monsters reverted back to the 50s era when you didn’t see much of the monsters at all, and had to rely on the great acting of the humans to show you how scary they were, which was lacking here as well. Oh, and possibly the stupidest ending ever. They almost were like they were setting you up for a sequal, kinda. Oh, and you don’t care, because this one was so bad.

24 on the other hand is good again, another hour of TV every monday to suck me in with an hour of plot twists a week. Don’t read more if you don’t want some major plot spoilers though (note the sarcasm):

  • Jack is back
  • There’s a plot
  • That plot is just a cover up for another plot
  • That plot concerns the president
  • There is a bad-guy mole in CTU
  • There is a bad-guy mode in the white house

Translation, the same as each previous 24 season, yet it still sucks me in, just like American Idol does each season (dammit). Oh, and it’s interesting to note that the president this season is played by a power hungry guy who isn’t really all that slick and while he isn’t trying to be evil, ends up being so. Interesting hmmmm…

Hey, I’m just sayin!