Why the Internet Sucks

Pages like this just piss me right off. To most of you this will probably show the Showtime US page with (I assume) information about my latest favorite TV show, Pen & Teller‘s “Bullshit!”. Sadly, when I view it, I get a page with this text:

We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.

The internet is about sharing information. Because I’m a bit north of the border I can’t find out information on your fucking TV show? What the hell! First of all, is there any reason to block this? Because I might get confused and think this is on Showtime in my area? Put up just a quick note “this site applies to showtime in the US only” or something.

Luckily 30 seconds of web-searching allows me to view the site through an anonymous proxy site. This is good, because a bit more investigation finds the entire fucking domain is not available, so I need to use a proxy to find the email address of their contact to send complaints to.

“No Limits” my ass.


One Comment on “Why the Internet Sucks”

  1. With some of the topics they cover, it’s entirely possible that the network fears running afoul of Canadian hate speech laws.