A Great Monday Morning

Wow, I feel great! The puppies went back yesterday afternoon, after that we vegged on the couch watching the sunday line up of cartoons (simpsons, family guy, etc) and I fell asleep about halfway through. Somewhere around the beginning of American Dad Firefly poked me and said “bedtime”. A bit of cleanup and in bed before 10:30…. woke up just before 8 feeling awesome. Nothing like over nine hours of sleep to make the monday go faster.

The puppies by the way, were just for the weekend, helping out a friend of Fireflys who breeds dogs. I received a few messages this morning asking if I was completely insane or not, and just for the record, we still have only the four cats and no (immediate) plans for any additional animals. I have a couple more puppy pics though, I’ll post those when I get home tonight.

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