Puppy Invasion!

Well, she did it that crafty girl, showed up home this evening with 8 rottweiler doberman puppies, a grow heat lamp, and bottles of forumla. Extremely cute of course. After dinner we bottle fed them, which was interesting to say the least. Some were thrilled, some less thrilled, and some couldn’t care less and just wanted to sleep. It took about an hour and a half to feed them all. The way I figure it the schedule goes something like this: Feeding every two hours, feeding takes almost two hours, so you’re basically in a constant puppy feeding rotation. Not bad if you’re a mommy dog who can just sleep while nursing, less good if you are a person who needs to jam the bottle into the puppies mouth while extricating your fingers, all the while holding said puppy so it doesn’t dump itself on the floor in it’s eagerness to get to the bottle. The cats were ok, both Rex, Corny and Patches all came and sniffed the puppies without any real comprehension of what they were. Anyway, enough talk, on to the pictures!