Anyone Know How to Fix iTunes Error -1450

Anyone out there know how to fix the “iTunes Library file could not be saved (error -1450)” that happens under windows? I’ve seen a couple of posts about it, but nothing useful, just a bunch of “realplayer rocks/sucks – itunes rocks/sucks” arguments. Nothing on the Apple support site either. I’ve removed/re-installed a few times, removed the My Music/iTunes folder, same result. This happens when I add a podcast. Help please!
Update Looks like you have to remove all mentions of itunes from the registry as well as doing an uninstall and pretty much remove every occurance of itunes anywhere on the system to make it work again. So far so good, keeping fingers crossed.

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  1. I had a hell of a time reinstalling when the library corrupted, it wanted to keep corrupting over and over, even though I killed iTunes entirely (or so I thought) from my system.

  2. I’m having the same problem. Uninstalled, nuked it from the registry and reinstalled. It worked for about 4 hours. Now I’m having the same problems… Time to ditch my ipod…

  3. Hello Community,
    got the same error at the notebook of a friend of me. Just fixed it. The error appeared while synchronzising the music of his Iphone with Itunes. Problem was an access violation, cause it seems like the Iphone is handled as an own user. So you can’t put your music in your MyData/MyMusic folder (Please excuse if the folder don’t have this exact name, but I’m using another language version of Windows, so I don’t know how it’s exactly called).
    Way to fix 1: (recommended)
    In Data-Properties change the save folder for Music. (For Example to C:/Music/)
    Way to fix 2;
    Get the name of your Iphone for a access acceptance in your MyData-folder. How you do this, you’ll find surely in google. It’s not so hard.
    Have fun with your IPod/IPhone and next time, remember, Mac isn’t so good as you think ^^