Snow? In February?

Saturday FireflyMom came by and we were going to do some work on the steps and other various niggly bits around the house. After determining it was really cold outside and we’d be much better served to do things inside, we left the steps (and the outdoor cutting it would require) and moved to dealing with the back of the basement, which we are clearing out so we have a starting point for the work to do. Cutting things down from the huge “We have to do the basement” job to “we are going to do the back room of the basement” reduces my stress a bunch. That area has been cleared out of stuff for a week or two now so we got to the next step which was ripping particle board off the walls. Early in the afternoon we had one of those cases where we took a break and never came back to work 🙂 I think I ended up napping on the couch while watching War Games out of one eye. Anyway, a bit into this Firefly came up the stairs and said it was snowing outside. Sure enough, tiny minute little flecks (no flakes) were coming down. I was sure it wouldn’t last… hell, it’s late February in BC, I know what the weather is like here!

Well, I was kinda right. The flecks did stop, and actual snow started. By the end of the evening we had a good couple of cm on the ground, and it was pretty damn slippy I found out when I headed out to buy some groceries. True to BC fashion though, it was all gone by morning 🙂