A Free Idea for the MPAA

The MPAA has long been bitching about the evil internet pirates stealing from their movies instead of going to a theatre, spending $15 on a ticket, $20 on popcorn and a drink, sitting for a half hour waiting for the movie to start watching ads, then watching another 3-7 ads once the lights go down, then previews, and then a movie. After seeing V For Vendetta I again realized that they are missing the opportunity to make money, avoid piracy, and screw the consumer all at once, and for it to be a (kinda) good thing.

Sell the DVD to people leaving the theatre.

When you have a really good movie like King Kong or V people get charged up watching it. Walking out of the theatre I would have happily plunked down $30-50 CND if there was a proper DVD there. I understand that a lot of prep is needed for the “full” DVD experience, getting people back to do commentaries, all the special features, etc. However, the ability to have the DVD in hand and go home and watch the movie again before the “official” DVD release would be worth a bit of extra charge to me. In fact, I’d probably buy the DVD again when it came out in 3 or 6 months to get all the extras.

Just a thought, though I’m sure it’s not original.

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