Migrated to Apache2

Well, after ages and ages I’ve finally upgraded to Apache 2. Seeing as the software has been out for a while now (a few years at least), and when I’m doing contract work it seems like the hosts that I’m setting up on have apache2 installed already, I figured it was probably time to make it so I didn’t have to download and compile apache 1.3 on each host 🙂 The migration didn’t take long, a bit of futzing with USE flags (there a good explanation of the different MPMs anywhere by the way?) and a bit of testing to make sure that PHP and the other various bits still work and voila, here I am. Of course, I complete missed the migration guide.

The only downside I’ve noticed so far is that after the server starts up it seems to take longer to go from the server started stage to the serving content stage than with apache 1. Oh well, once it is going, other than having about 80 threads filling up my process list, it’s all the same. If anyone sees anything busted or not working on the site here please let me know.

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