Stuff Getting Done

Got a bunch of random stuff done over the last few days around the house. First of all, finally found my laptop bag with daytimer, passport, etc all in there. whew had me worried there for a while. Turns out I had left it at work at some point just before we got kicked out of there. In celebration I wandered into Surrey to set in motion the long-undone task of getting said passport renewed. Hell, it’s only been expired for about 5 years now. Now I get to replace the picture of me as a real young feller with the new and unimproved version with me looking like a criminal.

Cleaned out the garage as well, which was fun. Mostly moving stuff from one side to the other, and compressing stuff, but the end result was my car now fits under the carport roof. That said we still have lots of crap out there that needs to go away.

The new box will be going in tomorrow. I’m a bit scared because there is so much that I think is left to do, and yet so much that’s not able to be done until we’re actually there (me and Fred are heading down first thing tomorrow), and other stuff that I think is there to do but really isn’t. My TODO list (starred * items are only going to be done onsite with the current box disconnected from the net so no data loss/curruption can occur):

  • * sync /home/ and /root/
  • * sync /var/spool/mail
  • * sync the rest of /var/spool/
  • * sync /var/log/[various directories including apache]
  • * sync mysql with either a sync of /var/lib/mysql or with mysqldump (note to self, remember to set –max_allowed_packet=16m on command line). Doing a test of this now to see how well it works.
  • * sync postgresql
  • * reset IP addresses
  • setup backup to secondary drive – DONE
  • reset management card IP address – DONE
  • reset management card perms (change server port, disable the telnet access, put in real passwords) – DONE
  • copy over users/groups – DONE
  • copy over apache config – DONE
  • copy over other services config (jabber, ssh (DONE), syslog (DONE), mailman (DONE), named (DONE), proftpd (migrate to vsftpd (DONE)))
  • copy over misc files from /usr/local/ – DONE
  • sudo users – DONE
  • other… (what am I forgetting?)