Server Upgrades that Go Well

The upgrade went well yesterday, in fact, about as close to flawless as you can get. Other than poor fred having to ride in the back of my little sports car (with the huge server box on the passenger seat), things went well. We got there around 11am and then basically set up both boxes side by side and started rsyncing. 4 hours later, new box got plugged in and we headed home. I have to find a better way to transfer data between systems for the future, because 4 hours is way to long for 40(ish) gigs of data transfered over 100mbit. We went with rsync to make sure that all perms, dates, access times, etc were exact to keep the impact of the upgrade as minimal as possible, so it could be just the lesser evil.

Got a fun pic of the new server slide into it’s rack, and I’ll post a picture of the old servers massive tower as well.

One Comment on “Server Upgrades that Go Well”

  1. Perhaps crossover cable between gig ethernet ports, then rsync (clear text without SSH)? Or rsync across an NFS mount?