Unemployed Again

Well, I’m now unemployed. Due to “re-structuring” at work myself and six of my coworkers are no longer employed. However, I’m refusing to look at this as a negative, instead it’s a huge opportunity to find a new and better job, or career, or create something myself. I honestly have no idea where I’m going. The world is my oyster and all that. That said, if you happen to know of something available in the lower mainland in the following areas.

  • Linux / unix administration
  • Perl / mod_perl / database web programming
  • Photography

Course, as my brain gets better wrapped around all this I’ll be able to get things a bit more solidified.

2 Comments on “Unemployed Again”

  1. Sorry to hear that, Alan.
    Silly suggestion of the day: learn ruby on rails and you’ll have 10 job offers in 3 days.
    (Of course, that might be complete BS!)