Office Cleanup

Things I learned tonight:

  • Nervous energy is not always a good thing
  • I’m one of those personality types that will continue something until it’s done, no matter how meaningless or trivial it is (in this case, cleaning, wiping and sweeping)
  • Swiffer wetjet liquid in an open wound hurts
  • it is possible to just push all the cables against the wall and have them be just as clean as if they were neatly wrapped
  • more care in arranging interior computer cables is a good thing
  • cats shed

I also went to the gym today for the first time in ages. Only about an hour there, but not bad for a first time back. I did a fair amount of running (sun run coming up) and did weights. I’ll probably be a wreck tomorrow… the price of getting back into a routine I guess.

It’s almost 1am, but the office is (mostly) clean!

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