Fun With Friends

Some friends came in from out of town and a small meet up was arranged. It was cool to get together and geek out a bit. Topics discussed included:

  • Comic books
  • Movies
  • Bad movies
  • Horrible movies
  • Partitioning schemes
  • Politics
  • etc…

Best quote of the night had to be:

There is no good way to spin shooting your friend in the face.

Referring of course to the vice prez’s mishap.

I also got a pointer to BZR a new and interesting version control system. Has some interesting looking features, definately going to be checking this out in the next few days.

This weekend was a “get shit done” weekend. Firefly is out of town so I ended up spending most of the weekend running around and taking things back, cleaning things, buying things, and other “tasky” stuff like that. I’m pretty happy with the resulting things crossed off my sizable “todo” list.

Random misc stuff: