Household Duties

Finally it was not raining long enough today for me to cut the grass. Gads what a job… it hasn’t been cut since august of last year or so, so it was in rough shape. Even with the wheels on the mower set to their highest setting the bag still filled up in about two rows. Even after I was done my only comment to Firefly was “this backyard needs to be firebombed”. Happily enough, I hear a rumor that FireflyBro is going to be bringing over a little machine that we can use to do all the “yard keeping” type duties that haven’t been done. Getting rid of the hedge, moving the flowers and mini trees that have been slowly invading the backyard out and into a better place (perhaps sending them to wildflower-heaven), and happiest of all, getting rid of the plum tree stump that’s been there since we removed the top half of the not-happy plum tree when we moved in almost 2 years ago.