More Movable Type Themes

So I discovered StyleCatcher, which is a nice and easy way to put in new themes for your blog (as long as the underlying code hasn’t been too radically changed. Only problem is that the default page they give you are pretty slim pickings. Anyway, I found that if you throw the URL for the theme contest that Sixapart put together,, you get a lot more choices. I’m experimenting with a few now. They also seem to not suffer from the ‘right hand column at the bottom of the page’ syndrome that the styles on the default MT styles page gives you.

My only issue right now is figuring out a way to make the theme I do find or like to be “fluid” (colums adjust based on browser width) instead of static (columns are a set width).

Of course as I’ve been playing over the last 20 min or so after I posted this it seems that most themes are a fixed width because they use a graphic as the background to create the funky effects. Bah. Oh well, keep on experimenting I guess…

I have no idea if it’s ok to use these themes by the way.

This is also a note for myself as you don’t seem to be able to change the setting for the starting page 🙂

3 Comments on “More Movable Type Themes”

  1. Not bad, but it seems to be messing up your archive pages. My RSS reader took me directly to this post’s page, and the text is half outside the box. Doesn’t seem to be a browser-specific problem.