No Reason not to Buy a Mac Now

Well, other than price that is. If you get an intel based Macbook you can download a nifty little utility from Apple called Boot Camp which allows you to set up a dual boot of windows xp / vista and linux. Apparently games play nice and fast as well…. So now you have the sexyness of apple hardware, the sexyness of OS/X and all the apple apps, and all your normal windows apps as well, plus the availability of Vista when it ships in 200?.

The next step I would hope is the ability to run windows apps (and lets be honest, when I say “apps” I really mean “games”) directly from within OS X. I hate dual booting between linux and windows now, which is why I have two desktop machines. It really can’t be long before this is a reality.

The only sucky part of course is that a macbook is still $2200 to $2900 canadian. That said, the Dell laptop they got me for my last job was about $3500 when it was all done, and had comparable specs (2Ghz, 1G ram, DVD Writer). Course, selecting all the high end options (2G, 7200rpm drive, slightly faster processor) brings the total up to $4233 🙂 Course, I’m sure I could survive with the lower end options if someone wanted to provide them.

I have high end computer tastes… I was pricing out an upgrade to gigabit network earlier today as well…

Probably best to get a job first though 🙂

That all said, I’m happy to see this move from Apple.