Ripping out the Back Yard

No, not a nasty sexy euphemism, we started some work in the back of the house in preparation for a mini-machine that Firefly will be getting in. A friend of ours who is a landscaper came by and basically wandered through the yard saying “that’s gone, gone, out of there, get that stuff out, gone, gone, gone, that? that’s gone…” and so on. Luckily this basically justified what my thoughts were, which was rip everything out and start from scratch. Get rid of the old hedge, forget moving the big overgrown plants around, just firebomb the whole yard and start from scratch.

Course, that’ll be a bit more costly than not doing a bunch of work, but it’s like the house, a work in progress that we can do bit by bit as money becomes avaiable.

So anyway, I started chopping up the bushes and stuff on saturday, results below (click for bigger).

One Comment on “Ripping out the Back Yard”

  1. Welcome to home-ownership!
    In the jungle over here you’d be fighting the stuff back daily.
    Cheers from us!