Waking Up On Time

An interesting read on How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off. I really need this, my routine while unemployed has gotten really bad. I’m sleeping the same amount I think, just my sleep cycle has shifted from 10pm-7am to 12am or 1am to 9am or 10am. That said, I’m posting this at midnight and am thinking I should do a bit of Half Life 2 playing before hitting the hay 🙂

Had a second interview today for a company a buddy of mine works at. Seem like really good guys, relaxed, very geeky, and a place that I think I’d be happy working at. Couple of weeks before I’d find out though I think, as the big boss is out of the country right now. I also finally was able to put my invoice in to $ex-work for the work I’ve done over the last month. Yay, because ye-ol-mortgage is coming up quickly.

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