Aperture on the New iBook

Well, Darren looks like he’s getting himself a little macbook (the bastard) and that’s something I’ve been looking at / lusting over since they were announced. I was even thinking of persuading ScoobyD to sell me her old G3 iBook until the intel versions were announced with twice the speed (or whatever).

One of the big reasons I’d want a mac is to use Aperture for photo management… I’ve been worried about this as I thought that Aperture needed a kick ass video card to do the funky UI stuff in the GPU. Darren threw me a link this morning with some MacBook benchmarks, which show that the increased CPU speed makes up for a lot, and even lets you run Aperture in a ‘usable’ fashion.

Here I’m not sure if the meaning of “usable” will remain the same when importing 13mb RAW images and crunching a 20,000+ image library 🙂

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