Survived the First Week of Work

Yup, still standing after four or five days of the new schedule. I was tossed around a bit, starting at different times and also spending a day out in chilliwack. Other than the big adjustment in getting up time (and my lack of ability to actually go to bed before midnight), things are going great. I’m starting to do pretty cool stuff and play with some neat technology that I’ve sort of been ignoring because I haven’t really needed it, or had application to use it (VPNs, funky routing, etc). They are still not quite ready for me so some of the stuff I’m doing is not really glamorous (setting up a debian box or three), but it’s still fun. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop though and get me out of the “they pay me to do this?” to the “ugh, this is work again” mode. Of course, now I have a phone on my desk and a blackberry that might happen sooner rather than later. I’m sure though that even if it is work, it’ll still be fun. I’m pretty happy that my first two weeks are going to be four day weeks as well, it’ll be nice to be eased back in from the non-working mode slowly.