First Day of Work

First day of work complete. I have to admit, getting up at quarter to 6 was a bit of a shock to the system, I have a feeling mostly because I had those first-day jitters, and didn’t actually even let the alarm go off because I slept so poorly the night before. Shouldn’t have, I was there on monday, and met the team the week before, and met the manager the week before that, and the boss the week before that, so it wasn’t like I was going into a scary unknown place with scary people. Well, some of the people are a little scary 🙂

They had lots of work, but none set up for me just yet, if that makes any sense. The morning was spent mostly filling out paperwork, and then I did a couple of debian installs (nothing special). In an effort to completely mess with my sleep schedule, tomorrow I’m heading out to ‘wack to get a brain dump so I can take over some stuff that they need a warm body for.