Walk the Line Review

Finished watching Walk the Line today, the movie about Johnny Cash‘s life. Great movie. Not great on the level of Spiderman or a really kick ass action movie, but great for a drama and a “human” story. I completely understand why Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for the Award, and why Reese Witherspoon won. I loved Joaquin’s portrayal of Cash, I really believed it, which I didn’t think I would because I’ve seen and heard a lot of Johnny Cash (though I admit only in his later life). That’s probably part of the reason that I didn’t see it for so long as well.

I had a problem with Witherspoon as June Carter Cash though, not to do with her singing, her look, or her acting, but only because I couldn’t look at her and her odd little turned up or sharp or whatever it is about it nose and see not June Carter, but Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.

Other than that though, fantastic movie. The sound is good too, definately something to turn the bass up on, especially when he’s sitting waiting to go back out on stage at Folsom and there is just this tidal pounding from the feet and the whole room is shaking (or at least mine was with the subwoofer turned all the way up 🙂

I think I’ll throw on a little of the life Folsom Prison album on now while I wait for sleep.

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