A New (Work) Computer

I must say I’m impressed with what you can get for how much these days. Work was kind enough to get me a new system to use to replace the p3-800ish system I was using. It’s not so much about the system as it’s “my” computer, I don’t have to worry about messing up someone elses setup. The system is pretty sweet… a P4-D (dual core with virtualization technology), 1G ram, and an “el-cheapo” under-$70-ish ATI X300 with 256mb of RAM (double what my 9800 PRO gaming card has at a quarter the cost (though that’s an older card)), DVD burner, etc.

Please no one tell them that 99% of the time the machine is going to be used to do nothing more than launch a bunch of putty sessions 🙂

I have to admit that hardware has changed in this new modern world compared to what I’m used to using. When I put the box together I pulled out the CPU box and looked at it thinking that the cpu must be better because it was so huge. When I opened it up it was the fan that was huge and the CPU itself was this tiny little wafer (but it’s wafer thin!) stuck on the side of the case almost as an afterthought. RAM also comes with copper cozies. Not sure if it’s a heat sink thing or to prevent people from getting their greasy fingerprints on the chips.

Other than putting an extra post on the case without a corresponding hole in the motherboard which made the system not boot, all is fine. Took a bit to get myself all set up and going with programs, layout, etc. Now I’m rockin’ and rollin’ along though 🙂