Yay For Old Country

So once again it’s 1am and I’m up doing client work because I’m too much of a nice guy to say no. It’s going to be billable of course, but I really have to learn to say “no, my evening is valuable, we can do this when I have time.”


However, I did find a Shoutcast stream of old country! Old stuff that’s post Hank Sr. but stuff that I haven’t heard in years from the 80’s and 90’s. Go for old music keeping me going. Now it’s time to say “does it work well enough that the site isn’t blowing up?” and get the fuck to bed.

That said, rebuilding a server with a broken hard drive in a couple of hours is pretty good IMHO. Well, the hosting company did the rebuilding, I just moved stuff around on the server to make sure that it is all working again. Still, finding the random perl modules scattered around the system, creating symlink farms and so on at 12-friggin’-30 is pretty good.

Tomorrow my cell phone is turned off at 6 and my bedtime is 10pm flat.

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