A Geek Flat

Some interesting office/toilet server room ideas over at Geek Flat.

Speaking of offices, last sunday me, because it’s the wild and crazy life I lead, finally finished the wiring/organization/cleaning of the office. A few weeks ago Firefly and FireflyMom redid the layout, nixed some shelves that were ugly, did an Ikea run, etc. However, at the time I was still balls-deep in the latest project(s), so most of it was left pretty un-done. So sunday I put up the cable management wire-tray I got at Ikea uhmm…. a couple of years ago… a funky snake-like cable management thing from London Drugs I got a couple of weeks ago, de-dusted all the computers, mopped the floors, re-arranged everything, re-wired everything, got rid of the two blocks of wood that have been holding my workstations up off the ground and put them instead on a nifty shelf/holder thing that Firefly got me, dusted, straightened…. etc etc. It looks great now, and the ugly mass of cables that has been sitting on the floor for ages is now an ugly mass of cables attached under the desk 🙂

The shelves in the link do look cool though don’t they?