Vancouver Skyline Panorama

This is a composite of seven images I took a couple of weeks ago when I had to stay late at work to help with a server move. After it was done I headed to the Londsdale Quay to a deck that’s left open and lugged my backpack with camera, lenses and tripod. Other than a young gent who came up and asked if it was all right to smoke a doobie beside me it was quiet and I happily snapped away with both my 16-45mm and 70-200 lense. I combined about 7 images together in PTGui and with a bit of adjustment in photoshop, I’m pretty happy with the results. This is from the longer lens, the 70-200 taken at around 200mm with settings of 3 seconds @ F8.0 (if you’re interested in the nitty gritty details).

Have a couple of other things to post later on that seem like they might not totally suck as well.

11 Comments on “Vancouver Skyline Panorama”

  1. I’m with Dana on this one buddy – VERY nice work!
    Seriously, what would it take to get this enlarged/framed/matted? What res do you have the original at? (ie, how big could this go without getting grainy?)
    That is an absolutely gorgeous shot of Vancouver! Keep them coming!

  2. Nice picture!
    In April I was up grouse at night… you get some VERY nice views of Vancouver too. I took some pictures, but it’s a bit hard to get a clear picture because of the distance and moisture in the air.

  3. Thanks guys.
    I called the photos store about printing it and at 8″ x 26″ at 200dpi it is only $9.99, no idea about the grainyness etc. The source image is 5″ x (something) @ 300dpi (you can figure it out if you’ve got a calculator or photoshop.
    No clue about how big it can go w/o being grainy, depends on the circle of confusion, viewing distance, etc. Viewing it in photoshop at 100% is not too bad, not totally sharp, but not bad. Source image is 8018 x 1761.

  4. Excellent picture. This would definitely make me stop in a store and stare. And probably even buy a print.
    The verticle blue line in the picture is just a detailing on the new Shaw building. Quite eye catching.. nice to see some modern architecture being displayed in Vancouver.

  5. I love it!!! Can you please send me a — probably needs to be chopped — 3200×1200 pixel version so that I can use it as my dual monitor Win XP wallpaper. Thanks!!! E-mail: simonhf [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Born and raised in Vancouver – moved away from home – so glad to encounter this picture – reminded me of growing up – any chance you would email this to me? – the largest file size you have available would be awesome. Great shot for real!