Upgraded Movable Type

Upgraded to MovableType 3.3 (finally). Seems to work quite nicely, and the upgrade routine was pretty easy, other than a minor PITA with a static files directory setting having to be changed (the directory with all the javascript libraries and such, causing the admin interface to basically not work).

Notable improvements are lots of little tweaks in the UI, inclusion of some nice new built in plugins like StyleCatcher, which lets you change your site look in a click, by downloading/using CSS styles off the net (if you were watching closely you’ll see I was messing with this today… RSS users, go about your business 🙂 Of course, after a lot of playing I ended up back where I came from, not because I think that this theme is overly great, but it’s liquid and seems to work on the site….

Other than that I don’t see a huge number of really visible changes other than the security fixes that are apparently present.

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