Frontyard and Driveway Work

I have to say that the amount of stuff that’s been getting done around here (in my absence) is absolutely amazing. Below are some pics of what’s been going on here the last while. Of course, since these were taken, a hedge has been put up along the right and the arrangement of the bricks along the driveway has changed (and been finished off). If anyone remembers my place when we first got it and how the front looked then (and up to about a week and a half ago for that matter) I hope you will be impressed. New planting areas, finishing off of the sides, a huge chunk of the front hedge is out to make the front feel less cramped, the driveway has been scraped to angle it nicer, the start of a nicer drainage system is going in in front of the carport (no more bottoming out when I drive in, yay!), new planters at the front of the house, the front concrete step to the front door has been raised and re-angled so rainwater now drains away from the house instead of towards it….

There’s still stuff to do of course, asphalt is coming in and the drain needs to be finished and uhmm… well, probably lots of little cleanup stuff too, but the main bulk of the driveway is done as far as I see. I’ll post a picture of the completed affair on the weekend when I see it for the first time (I honestly haven’t seen it in the light since Sunday). I’m pretty sure it’s still changed considerably from the pics here.

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