Happy Birthday To Me (Again)

Today I hit the big 3-1. Yikes. Not quite time to get myself a red sports car and go budgie jumping just yet though. Yesterday I celebrated my pre-birthday-day by helping Firefly and FireflyMom doing plumbing so we could have water in the house again. Around 11pm or so we finally turned the water main back on. After a few mis-steps and minor floods….

  • Oops, forgot to crimp those ones
  • So there is water going to that line!
  • I guess I never did get back to tighten that up

We were at a point of no explosions of water and no geysers shooting out of the wall. Only one minor drip from the tap by the main I think, but at that point everyone was way tired and couldn’t care less about it.

A huge amount of work was done, all the copper pipes were taken out and replaced by Pex flexible pipe, creating some really interesting mazes of lines to T connectors to elbows to more T connectors to…. Also the new hot water heater was moved into a working state from where it’d been sitting happily in the basement for the last few weeks. Huge compared to the old one, hopefully now I can have a full bath and have hot water left to top it up. Also moving from gas to electric, so there’ll be a shift in bills next month, we’ll see if one is cheaper than the other.

To celebrate my actual birthday today, I’m hoping to go and see the new Bond movie Casino Royale with some friends tonight, preceded or postceeded by food and / or beer. Course, I gave those friends under a days notice, so it might be just me 🙂

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