Welcome to the Monsoon Season

So somehow the valley got transfered to India in the monsoon season. It’s been raining non-stop (again) for the last few days…. heck, forecastfox just shows a solid wave going across the 3 day extended forecast! Advantage of taking the train to work is no need to drive in this weather, disadvantage is having to walk through the downpour from the seabus terminal to work (a couple of blocks only, still my jeans are only just drying off now).

Power has been flickering at home all day, so all the machines except for my fileserver are shut down now. The fileserver is the only machine attached to the UPS, which has been given a workout. Luckily I can see it, combined with apcupsd actually works!

Broadcast message from root (Wed Nov 15 13:00:08 2006):
Warning power loss detected on UPS APC350
Broadcast message from root (Wed Nov 15 13:00:09 2006):
Power has returned on UPS APC350…