A Scary Day of Plumbing and Wiring

So while I thought today could be a rest-and-relaxation day, the FireflyFam arrived at 11 (got to sleep in at least!) armed with lots of supplies. Scary. Looks like today we’re re-doing the plumbing! Of course, you can’t just put in one or two pipes, but you have to do everything at once. Luckily not the whole house (at least they haven’t told me that), but we’re basically re-doing the basement plumbing which includes hot water tank (moving it) all and the pipes going from where it comes into the house up into the bathroom and kitchen.


Update: Turns out it won’t happen today after all…. so just more preparation and work. We have a bunch of cabinets and some drywall up in the back of the basement now, and a bunch more stuff out of the basement and into a storage trailer. Nice to see things finally happening! (and sucky to still be moving things from one place to the other over and over)/

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