First Sighting of Vista In the Wild

Saw my first running copy of Windows Vista out in the wild today. On the train there was a guy ahead of me using it on a laptop to play movies or burn CDs or something. Since Vista isn’t actually released yet, do you think he was…

  • Using a legal RC1 or RC2 copy
  • Using a legal copy of the RTM via MSDN or similar
  • Using a non-activated illegal copy of the RTM from bittorrent or a p2p service
  • Using an activated, illegal copy of the RTM from a bittorrent or a p2p service from a hacked activation server

Not that it matters of course.

Personally I’m really quite excited about Vista. I have a copy running under vmware and it seems fast, is nice looking (even without full Aero) and just “feels good”. That’s a lot to say coming from a Linux guy you know. Course, the fact it’s not released yet, apparently has issues with blowing up nVidia graphics cards, and to get the version with everything you shell out $400 US kinda dampen my spirits a bit. The latest GNOME desktop under Linux is quite nice though, and looks pretty sexy.

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