Heroes and Mr. Sulu

Anyone else out there watching Heroes? Man, it’s finally starting to get good. Not that it hasn’t been good, but there’s been a lot of build up and what feels like getting you ready for big and exciting things to happen, but not a huge amount of payoff so far. This last episode (caution, minor spoilers) finally got a bit deeper into it, giving you some more insight into different characters relationships, but more importantly, we finally got to see more of George Takei as Hiro’s father. He did a great job, it’ll be interesting to see if he comes back more.

A couple of neat things that I just loved (and see if you other geeks caught these) was first of all the “Sulu” reference in the preview for next weeks show (someone insulting Hiro calls him “Sulu”).

Secondly (and it was really subtle, which I just loved) was the license plate of Hiros father (George Takei’s character) which was….. wait for it…. “NCC 1701“.

If you don’t get the reference, please delete 10 geek points immediately!

Other interesting reading for Heroes geeks:

My real fear for the TV show is that they’ll drag it out too long. Right now they are at episode 14 of (I presume) a 24 episode season. If they are smart they’ll finish it with two or three fantastic finale episodes and put it to bed. Converse to this, Prison Break is a great show but I can see them dragging the story out for season after season, never giving any “finish” to the storyline and just giving some new hook at the end of each season to suck you into the next. They did this successfully at the end of season 1, and if they do this at the end of this season I’ll probably bail. That much teasing is just no good. 24 gets around this by having each season be a “day”, and at the end of the season the threat is averted and (most) everyone is happy and all is good. Then the next season is the next big huge threat for the day, which seems to work (for me at least). But sticking with a show for a full season and not getting a resolution just pisses me off 🙂

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