“Sporks?” A Snakes on a Plane Review

Finally got around to seeing Snakes on a Plane tonight. What can I say about this movie that probably hasn’t already been said, other than “Sporks?” Oh wait….

Anyway, it’s a fun movie, with everything predictable you can throw at it…. from the airline stewardess that’s a day from retirement to the couple heading to the bathroom to join the mile high club, Samuel L. Jackson’s “motherf*ckin’ snakes on this motherf*ckin’ plane” remark, and the complete lack for some bits of the plot.

I think that for really bad movies the plots have to have one of two things. Either a completely predicable plot that never deviates from something that you have seen a hundred times already, or something that was obviously written under the influence from something out of this world (like mushrooms, which we all know are evil and most likely not created here on earth…). This movie is mostly from column A, with a sprinkling from column B. The whole “snakes on a plane” thing I hadn’t seen before, but the overall plot of the movie has been done countless times already.

Snake vision, sporks, and the demise of “Mary Kate” are among the “definitely influenced by mushrooms” moments, some going on for far too long.

Still, if you have a 94 minutes to waste and (optionally) a group of rowdy friends, alcohol, or other illicit substances, you’ll have a blast. I had only a small glass of Baileys (on ice) so I only had a marginally good time. Glad I finally saw it though.