Apple iPod touch: Full Review – Review by PC Magazine

Just read the PCMag iPod Touch review and am really wondering if I should just plop down the credit card at the Apple Store. There is no current ETA for the iPod Touch to appear in Canada, and the official ETA for the states is another two weeks… and and this way I’d be able to get a custom engraving.

Decisions, decisions.

3 Comments on “Apple iPod touch: Full Review – Review by PC Magazine”

  1. I’m thinking.. they’ve already hacked the iPhone.. it’s only a matter of time before they hack the iPod Touch too.. Now, does it have a built in Mic? If so, get yourself a VOIP client, and you’ve just picked up the phone functionality as well.. There are so many open APs these days, you wouldn’t have to work hard to find one to use..
    Dunno.. just a thought. I’m sorely tempted by the shiny.

  2. Yup, thought about that. I doubt it’d be as nice as a real cell phone, and I could really use the 16G over the 8. I’m looking at the stuff coming out for the iPhone and just keep telling myself that it’s pretty much assured that if it doesn’t work on the iPod Touch out of the box, it will in a few days 🙂
    Any Touch sightings around seattle? I really want to actually see / touch one of these buggers before I buy ($400 sight unseen is a bit much for me), and I could use a nice drive anyway 🙂