Dear Lazyweb: What’s a Good Price for a Roomba?

I saw over the weekend that Canadian Tire has the Roomba Discovery (link to CT page on for $100 off of it’s regular price of $399, putting it at $299. Is that a good price (Canadian) for a Roomba?

It doesn’t look like this model is around anymore, and is now eclipsed by the Roomba 500, and the only mention on the website of the “Discovery” model is the announcement in 2004. Is this old dirt dog too old to get, should I wait for the next version? Is it a silly toy and not worth the money to keep the cat hair off my floor? Comments appreciated.

One Comment on “Dear Lazyweb: What’s a Good Price for a Roomba?”

  1. I think if you have a small 1BR apartment the Roomba’s a good idea. But when you’re dealing with a house that has 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, and living room, the Roomba just won’t be able to clean it all. it won’t have enough room in its dust container to hold all the hair, etc. You’re better off spending that coin on a real vacuum, or spending the half hour once a week sweeping with a swiffer.
    Besides, pet hair is notorious for just swishing out of the way of something like the Roomba – you’ll end up just moving it around the house instead of picking it up. 😉