I Have Seen the Future of the Mobile Phone…

… and her name is iPhone. After two days I’m still pretty jazzed about my new iPod Nano, and was showing it’s tininess and sexy screen to a couple of guys as I was heading out of the office. After a couple of minutes a guy wanders over and says “I couldn’t help overhearing you guys, but….” and he shows us his iPhone (bought in San Francisco, and a legit AT&T customer FYI, so non-unlocked).

I have literally been thinking about it since I saw it. It is tiny. Seeing all the iPod Touch and iPhone comparisons I had the impression the iPhone was big and bulky, obviously still small, but still “big”. So not the case. The thing fits sweetly in the hand and can easily hide in your jeans pocket (assuming you don’t wear the skintight variety of course).

The screen is as gorgeous as the ads show, and as crisp and clean as you can imagine. Operation is as slick and sexy as you can imagine. I still get shivers thinking about it.

This of course all brings up a conundrum. Firefly is actually going down to San Francisco at the end of the month, so in theory, I could get her to pick me up one. Some of the sexy new features that was only on the iPod Touch appear to be coming to the iPhone (wifi store and starbucks thing). Neither of those features is a show stopper for me, but it’s nice to know that the two will have the same features. Also, the one big advantage of the iPod Touch (16G storage) is countered a bit by it’s crippled-ness.

Also the fact that the iPhone isn’t actually available up here for phone service is sucky. Yes it’s been hacked, no, you don’t know if it’ll stop working the next time you update it. Also there’s a lot of “wait for version 2” talk, for both the iPod Touch and iPhone. Who knows.

Did I say how absolutely sexy the iPhone was by the way? Wow. Really, there’s a reason why Apple products have the reputation they have. Sure, people will mumble about not having a GPS, or “smartphone” features, or being expensive, or blah, or blah, or blah, but I really honestly think that when you get it into your hands you’ll want one, plain and simple.


3 Comments on “I Have Seen the Future of the Mobile Phone…”

  1. Hey, if you two wanted to spend a weekend in Seattle, you’re always welcome to stay.. We have 2 Apple stores around here.. and plenty of AT&T stores.. Just sayin’ 🙂
    I was thinking about the iPod Touch as well, but the crippled features really suck. So, probably not going to happen yet.

  2. I won’t be coming down with Firefly, but since I’ll be alone while she’s away, maybe I’ll come down on a weekend to play 🙂
    Still not sure, Touch = 16G, iPhone = not crippled. Maybe wait for iPhone 1.n+1 and the 16G update (or official support in canada). From the horror stories I’ve head about roaming charges, I am almost thinking I don’t want to risk having an iPhone do anything over non-wifi 🙂

  3. The bf just got an iPhone… or as I call it, the iPacifier. He had ordered an iTouch, but then bit the bullet for the iPhone (he would have bought one earlier, but couldn’t due to incompatibilities with the iPhone and corp phone accounts.) He hearts his iPhone, and likes it better than he would have the iTouch, he thinks. (“that’s true, I wouldn’t have been disappointed with the iTouch, but the iPhone just DOES MORE!!!”) (keep in mind too that he’s a decent sized Apple fanboi)
    His is hacked to get around the aforementioned corp account difficulties, and he is totally okay with that. Even if a new update comes out, he’s perfectly happy to hang out and wait around for the hackers to report in on how the update works (or doesn’t) and wait for the hacked version of the update to come out. The hackers will be busy with this one for a while, I’m sure.
    He did also offer that if Firefly does pick one up for you, he can do the hack… but you’re also very capable of doing it yourself 😉 (‘cos we are just about an hour away from The City :))