First Day of First Week On Call

Gah. Today is my first day of a week on call for work. That means anything at the fairly large ISP (by Vancouver standards anyway, feel free to mock me if you live in Silicon Valley) goes wrong that’s customer affecting, 24/7 for the next 7 days, I’m the one with The Phone Number forwarded to my blackberry. I’m not sure if I’m more terrified for me having to potentially deal with a bunch of stuff I have no clue about or for the people calling me and expecting me to fix the stuff I have no clue about! Heck, half the time I’m apathetic (at best) about answering my phone for friends and people I like, much less people who will want me to do stuff at any hour of the day. Half the time I’m barely up for my alarm, I can only imagine what my blackberry going off next to my head in the middle of the night will do.

That’s assuming of course I sleep. Last night I went to bed at a good (for me) 11:30pm and laid awake staring at the ceiling with my brain going 120mph. Not so much in “fear”, I don’t care or worry that much, but more just cause it was going that speed, thinking about stuff. And when I did get to kinda-sleep I had odd dreams. The breathing noises that firefly was making next to me were translated into sounds of a broken XBox 360 that I had to fix cause I was on call, but had no clue how to fix it. Hows that for a nightmare?!

End paranoid whining rant.

Other than that things are things. The on call thing is going to restrict movement and after hours recreation, in theory I could go out for dinner or something like that, but having to pack up and fix things in a reasonable amount of time make that potentially an enjoyment killer. Ah well, maybe I’ll just stuff my blackberry in my pocket and do a run (slog) around the block. Course, lately it’s been get home, do work, eat dinner, watch a show on tv, and then go back to do work till it’s half an hour past my time to sleep.

Contract stuff keeps going in spurts, with it ending, me thinking it’s all done and I’m free, free for a while, then a couple of days later seeing that a bunch have bugs have come in, rinse, repeat.

Weather is getting colder, finally got around to cleaning gutters and bagging leaves over the weekend. Wow, those muscles weren’t used for a long time! Least it’s done now, and I have 7 huge bags full of leaves sitting in my driveway (yay).

Wow, I really wish I had more to talk about right now….

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